Client is based on Mumbai having many retailer stores in different areas. Due to the excess products demand from the shoppers, he wanted to develop a common retail platform where all products of different stores were merged together. The client came up with an idea to create an online presence of his retail stores, which connect all stores at a single place and allow customers to buy items without worrying about backend operations. The aim was to provide a highly secure method of purchasing products belonging to different categories from multiple stores & get it delivered at the shipping address. "Online Retail Store" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

Merge products of different stores on a single platform.

Website should support two languages - English & Arabic.

Pleasant shopping experience with less hassle

Enrich users experience with a set of filters to search and display products accordingly.

Save cart and express checkout to trigger default address and payment.

Facility to pick up the time slot for pick up or home delivery as per customer convenience.

Multiple admin interfaces for picking, packing and delivery operations.


Newgen Solution has developed an “Online Retail Store” which helps customer to find the best retail service offering with following features:

E-commerce features like; items browsing, My cart, Add to Wishlist, Compare Product, Checkout process, shipping, online payment, Newsletter subscription

User features as; Registration, Manage profile, Order tracking, reviews;

Comprehensive admin panel for managing all aspect of online store solution Multi-Store with 2 languages; English and Arabic

Live chat feature.

Ability to save the cart for future reference and checkout.

Choose address with the help of Google map on registration, my account and checkout step (Billing and shipping).

Mobile SMS gateway integration on registration (for insert unique code sent by SMS) and order completion step (order details and order Unique code for home delivery).

Customer can select their preferred time slot and day for home delivery or store pickup.

Holiday management for the timeslot functionality.

Express checkout facility using preferred shipping and payment methods.

Multiple admin management for Picker and Packer so they can see only their assigned orders in the admin panel.

Drive management in order so admin can assign a driver to any order and they can deliver the order using driver Android app.

Auto Invoicing and Delivery status change like (Picker assigned, packer assigned, driver assigned, out for delivery).

Barcode scan while packing orders.


Client gained popularity from this website due to various features of the ecommerce platform such as catalog browsing, providing delivery details to the customers, manage the different stocks, daily deals module etc. Buyer’s around the world can conveniently purchase, efficiently shop and compare from a host of vendors at the best prices. Also sellers get a global platform to sell and promote their products.


Tools & Technologies : PHP, Magento

Database : MySQL

Server : Apache

Third Party API :Payfort gateway, Klevu search, Twillio, Google API, Zopim live chat

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